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Are you ready to build a solid career path?

Our carefully designed and delivered career tracks will build the necessary skills and experience to unlock high demand careers, with a high rate of employment, below are the main tracks and we are continuously adding new tracks to them.

Data Analysis

Turning Data into actionable insights helps decision makers on all levels to do informed decisions.

data management .png
data management .png

Data Engineering

Storing, organizing, & managing huge data with a deep understanding of database design & architecture

Decision Science

Human decision process & biases understanding with decision-makers enablement on decision support systems.

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Practical Knowledge

The programs are designed carefully to provide practical knowledge ready to apply in real-life scenarios.

Blending academics with practical projects and assignments will result in immediate readiness for the candidates who finish into those programs 


Team experience 

One of the unique features of the program is that we embed the candidates in real teams working on projects, with daily stand-ups, work reviews, QC, retrospective, and other project team practices; this will give the confidence for the candidates of not being aliens when they get into their related job.


The Power of Network

Because we are not a training center, all the candidates that attend those programs will be part of a community and network where they continuously share knowledge, experience,  opportunities, and priority in job openings with our partners and affiliates. 

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